Domino’s, already known for developing and using innovative and interactive technology to deliver pizzas (a mechanism that allows the costumer to ask for a pizza with the push of one button and the project to open the first pizzeria in the Moon, for example), is now developing and testing the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU).

DRU is one of the world’s most advanced autonomous robot, it was designed to ensure a efficient deliver and to improve the costumer’s experience. This robot will be the first autonomous vehicle to deliver a pizza.

This robot was projected and built in Domino’s innovations lab, and, as stated by the company, it is very useful and it has a modern and innovative design.

The robot has an intelligent system to control the temperature of the food which allows the consumers to get their pizzas and drinks in the perfect temperature.

The robot’s intelligent GPS system was designed to track the robot and choose the fastest and safest way to deliver the product. It can deliver a pizza in routes up to 20 miles far from the Domino’s pizzeria.


  Domino’s posted at their website the following video:

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