Toyota i-Road (in progress)


The Toyota i-Road, or Toyota Open Road Project is being developed by the company to overcome the lack of space in the big cities. Officially unveiled in 2013 at the Geneva motor show, it is a three-wheeled, two-seater electric car and, according to Toyota, it will be the future or urban motoring.

The car’s size can be compared to a scooter, according to the corporation said that the car can even fit INSIDE a house, under the stairs. Considering that the car is as samall as a motorcycle, it is extremely easy to park.


The vehicle’s balance system is very advanced, and it makes driving it easyer and enjoyable. To do so, the car raises and lowers the front wheels to help in sharp turns, providing more confidence to the driver. The people who participated in the i-Road test drive event at Japan in 2014 were amazed by the car’s driving experience on public roads.

The car was designed to make the driver feel an unity with the machine, to give the driver the sensation of being one with the vehicle.

This project will make parking easyer, keep the cities clean from CO2 emissions, and to provide an easement on the big cities traffic jams.





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