Jaguar InControl Touch Pro Eco Data

The InControl Touch Pro Eco Data gives the driver useful information to help the user get the best experience while driving by providing driving tips. This system just starts displaying average data after the vehicle has travelled one kilometer.

The Eco Data is a perfect example for an interactive feature for cars. This system displays average data, such as driving tips. The Eco Data shows the impact of the driver’s driving style is having on the vehicle and fuel economy. The software also gives an overal grade for the driver, a score from zero to five to three individual segments, and colors for each of these segments. Fuel consumption, average speed, track distance and duration are also displayed.

By selecting the option “Fuel Efficiency”, the user can see exactly which features are affecting the fuel consumption and it gives the option to turn all these features off.


The system also gives practical tips for the driver, the “Eco Tips”. This property offers driving style, fuel economy, and other practical tips.

The driver can see the history of the journeys on the system, which displays the ongoing journey, the last three journeys, the most efficient journey and two journeys that the user decided to save on the system. The driver can also see all the details of each journey by clicking on it.


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