8 Tips for a More Interactive Presentation

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Prezi’s blog has interesting posts with important tips of how to make a good presentation. This post is from the Brazilian Prezi Blog, it gives 8 tips to help the user make a more interactive presentation.

A research was made, and it proves that the biggest part of people are usually not paying full attention to someones presentation, the most comon paralel tasks that people do during a presentation were reading and sending text messages, reading e-mails and sleeping. Make people feel part of your presentation was found as the best way of making people interested, there are 8 basic ways of doing it:

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1. Break the Ice


“Image from Gary Bird”

It’s important to make use of a little bit of sense of humor in your presentation in the begining. Doing it can be extremely important for the whole presentation and engage the audience. Do something to make people stop thinking about another thing, doing another task, and focus on your presentation. Show your public that they can interact with you, make they think of a background for your topic, experiences they had.

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2. Tell a story


“Image from Etsy”

Telling a history help people stablish a connection with the topic, have a better understanding of it and store more information. It also keeps people attracted, because they want to know how the story ends and what takes to the end. A good technique is to take the history always to a better place, with a good end.

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3. Add videos


“Image from TheDrum”

Videos are a good way of keep people engaged to your presentation. The right video can make your audience have a specific feeling about your presentation.

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4. Don’t be linear


“Image from Imgur”

Make connections between your ideas, elements, and objects. Give the audience diverse options and ask they to choose each way to take, which element they want to focus on, let them decide for you, this will make your presentation unique for your public and for yourself.

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5. Ask questions


“Image from DailyGenius”

People’s atention achieves zero after ten minutes without interaction, you need to make people turn the attention back to you all the time. To do so, make pauses, ask questions, ask for ideas, make people brainstorm.

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6. Research with your audience


“Image from Xocai”

Research together during the presentation is very effective to engage your public in your presentation. Don’t just make rethoric questions, make people research help the audience to keep their mind fresh, and creates a group experience.

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7. Demonstrate


“Image from TED”

Show your audience a concrete example of your topic, it helps your audience make conections and understand your presentation. For example, in a TED Lecture, Jill Bolte hold a real brain.

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8. Share the glory


“Image from Inc.com”

Greet your audience for helping you and making your presentation unique and interactive. Bring someone from the audience to help you with something, but it’s better to ask someone to help you before starting the presentation.

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8 dicas para fazer apresentações mais interativas


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