Prezi Design Strategies

Sem título 3.png

This Prezi’s presentation introduces some basic design concepts about presentations, it gives examples using semiotics of what to do, and what the person shouldn’t do. The big topics are: space, line, shape, tone, color, movement and rhythm.


This presentation demonstrates how important is the use of space on a presentation, how to position objects and what size should they have.

It also mentions the importance of lines and its position on the presentation and the possible meanings of it.

Shapes and angles can change perspectives, they are very useful to give an idea of stability or movement. They can also help the audience to understand some decisions and ideas.

The tones (lighting of objects), they change the spectators mood and feeling about an image, this element is strongly related to color theory.

If tones have a strong relation with colors theory, obviously, the relation of colors with this theory is even stronger, but the meaning of colors can change between different cultures.

Movement, one of the biggest characteristics of Prezi, is very attractive to the human eye, but it has to be used carefully to don’t confuse or let your audience bored. Step motions, videos and transitions can be of good use on a presentation.

Rhythm can also be used on presentations, it can give an idea of stability or dynamic changing.


Prezi Design Strategies


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