The Non-Designers Design Book


“The Non-Designers Design Book – Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice”, written by Robbin Williams, it is a book to help people who want to learn more about design but do not work with it.

The author presents basic concepts with wich the user can produce elements in a professional and organized way.

The book has four basic principles: contrast (similar elements in the same area), repetition (organization of the structure), alignment (a clean appearance) and proximity (reference to previous elements with the same function).

The book has multiple examples to help the reader understand the basic principles of Design. Examples such as cards, magazines, flyers, journals, websites and book covers are given. The writter says that the theory must be applied in practice.

The book explain in a very intuitive way, in which even people that do not work with design can understand its ideas.

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