Creative Audio Assignment

The video has 2 parts, the introduction, and the teaser.


Soft Division 2

Degaspari, creator and podcasts editor gives some tips about recording and editing podcasts.

He explains about differences between Audacity, Sony Vegas e Garage Band. In his oppinion, the best and fastest one, is Sony Vegas for editing, and Audacity for recording.

He explains about the main features on Sony Vegas to edit podcasts.

Soft Division 2

In this video, Mark Russel shows some basic features of Adobe Audition.

Soft Division 2

In the second video, he shows how to improve the quality by removing breathing sounds, silence, and any other unwanted noise.

Soft Division 2

This video shows how to make the podcast sound better using Audition effects, such as the equalizer.

Soft Division 2

This video shows how to work with multiple audio tracks in Adobe Audition.

Soft Division 2

This video introduces some tips to make the quality of a podcast even better by using Adobe Audition Templates and other features/effects.

Soft Division 2

This video shows how to use some effects such as the equalizer, chorus, normalizer, dynamics processing, etc.

Soft Division 2

In this video, Leo Lopes, the editor of the biggests podcasts in Brazil, explains a little bit how to use Sony Vegas for audio editing.

He introduces some basic features, such as working with multiple tracks, pan, and envelope lines.

Soft Division 2

In these two videos, he talks about the definition of podcast, how the market is growing, and all the history of the audio from the radio to the podcast. He also talks about recording, editing, publishing and improving the quality of a podcast.

Soft Division 2


This technology website explains about some essencial steps of the process for producing a podcast, such as: originality/inovation, recording presentially or from distance, editing softwares, and publishing the podcast.

Soft Division 2

Leo Lopes also wrote a book, the “Podcast: guia básico” (Podcast: basic guide) that talks about different topics related to podcasts.
The book helped me to choose the Cyberpunk topic for my podcast, it was inspired in an RPG podcast (Nerdcast Cyberpunk) and I tought that doing a project in this topic would help me learn.

The book also helped me to choose the equipment and software do record and edit my podcast. I used a lapel microphone, because I also want to record videos with the same microphone.

In the edition chapter of the book I understood how to schedule my project and how to put all parts together. I also understood what is important and what can be deleted from the main project. The author also mentions how to remove noise and how to record with less noise. The music was chosen accordingly to the book’s orientations: musics without lyrics are better, because they help the user concentrating in the content of the podcast; it’s better if the music is related to the topic of the podcast.

The book also introduces some of the programs that can be used to edit podcasts, I choose to work with Adobe Audition.

The book can be bought from the following link:

Podcast: guia básico

Soft Division 2

When I started editing, I was editing every single part, compiling it, then putting it together with other parts. That was making the multitracks hard to understand and change, then I learnt how to work better with effects in multiple tracks.

Soft Division 2

For the voice of the narrator, I inspired on Batman’s voice and used Chorus, Flanger, DeEsser and Tone Shifter to change my voice. For Oleg’s voice I just changed my voice a little bit using Tone Shifter.

Soft Division 2



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