The Elements of User Experience


This document, created by Jesse James Garret (2000), clarifies some elements of design related to web design.

Garret’s concept can be analysed in layers and columns. These layers will be briefly mentioned below. The software interface column is relates to user interface (UI), while the hypertext system refers to user experience (UX).

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The Visual Design is the graphic element of the interface of a website, it is very important to define the identity of your software, this is the most concrete layer.

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In the second layer we have Interface Design, as a software interface, Navigation Design, as a hypertext system, and Information Design in both areas. Interface Design facilitates the user interaction with the functionality of the program. Navigation Design has the objective to help the user find the information. Information Design makes the information easier to understand.

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Interaction Design, for software interface and Information Architecture, for hypertext system, are the elements of the third layer. Interaction Design facilitates the flow of the application, it improves the way in which the user interacts with the program.  Information Architecture structures the information in an intuitive way.

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In the third layer we have Functional Specifications for interface and Content Requirements for system. The Functional Specifications is the functionality of the website. Content Requirements are the elements that are required to give a good user experience.

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In the last layer, the most abstract layer, we have User Needs and Site Objectives. The User Needs are set after researches and tests with the user, these are the needs of the user to have a good experience. Site Objectives are the main targets of the website.

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Combining all these elements and doing several tests for UX and UI, will result in the best experience between the final user and your program.


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The Elements of The User Experience – J. James Garret


8 Tips for a More Interactive Presentation

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Prezi’s blog has interesting posts with important tips of how to make a good presentation. This post is from the Brazilian Prezi Blog, it gives 8 tips to help the user make a more interactive presentation.

A research was made, and it proves that the biggest part of people are usually not paying full attention to someones presentation, the most comon paralel tasks that people do during a presentation were reading and sending text messages, reading e-mails and sleeping. Make people feel part of your presentation was found as the best way of making people interested, there are 8 basic ways of doing it:

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1. Break the Ice


“Image from Gary Bird”

It’s important to make use of a little bit of sense of humor in your presentation in the begining. Doing it can be extremely important for the whole presentation and engage the audience. Do something to make people stop thinking about another thing, doing another task, and focus on your presentation. Show your public that they can interact with you, make they think of a background for your topic, experiences they had.

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2. Tell a story


“Image from Etsy”

Telling a history help people stablish a connection with the topic, have a better understanding of it and store more information. It also keeps people attracted, because they want to know how the story ends and what takes to the end. A good technique is to take the history always to a better place, with a good end.

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3. Add videos


“Image from TheDrum”

Videos are a good way of keep people engaged to your presentation. The right video can make your audience have a specific feeling about your presentation.

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4. Don’t be linear


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Make connections between your ideas, elements, and objects. Give the audience diverse options and ask they to choose each way to take, which element they want to focus on, let them decide for you, this will make your presentation unique for your public and for yourself.

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5. Ask questions


“Image from DailyGenius”

People’s atention achieves zero after ten minutes without interaction, you need to make people turn the attention back to you all the time. To do so, make pauses, ask questions, ask for ideas, make people brainstorm.

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6. Research with your audience


“Image from Xocai”

Research together during the presentation is very effective to engage your public in your presentation. Don’t just make rethoric questions, make people research help the audience to keep their mind fresh, and creates a group experience.

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7. Demonstrate


“Image from TED”

Show your audience a concrete example of your topic, it helps your audience make conections and understand your presentation. For example, in a TED Lecture, Jill Bolte hold a real brain.

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8. Share the glory


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Greet your audience for helping you and making your presentation unique and interactive. Bring someone from the audience to help you with something, but it’s better to ask someone to help you before starting the presentation.

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8 dicas para fazer apresentações mais interativas

Toyota i-Road (in progress)


The Toyota i-Road, or Toyota Open Road Project is being developed by the company to overcome the lack of space in the big cities. Officially unveiled in 2013 at the Geneva motor show, it is a three-wheeled, two-seater electric car and, according to Toyota, it will be the future or urban motoring.

The car’s size can be compared to a scooter, according to the corporation said that the car can even fit INSIDE a house, under the stairs. Considering that the car is as samall as a motorcycle, it is extremely easy to park.


The vehicle’s balance system is very advanced, and it makes driving it easyer and enjoyable. To do so, the car raises and lowers the front wheels to help in sharp turns, providing more confidence to the driver. The people who participated in the i-Road test drive event at Japan in 2014 were amazed by the car’s driving experience on public roads.

The car was designed to make the driver feel an unity with the machine, to give the driver the sensation of being one with the vehicle.

This project will make parking easyer, keep the cities clean from CO2 emissions, and to provide an easement on the big cities traffic jams.




Jaguar XE 2017 | InControl Touch Pro


Jaguar XE 2017 InControl Touch Pro is the newest Jaguar’s navigation system, it is a high technology device designed to make the driver’s experience safer, smoother and more enjoyable with a modern design and fast response times.

The Eco Data is a perfect example for an interactive feature for cars. This system displays average data, such as driving tips. The Eco Data shows the impact of the driver’s driving style is having on the vehicle and fuel economy. The software also gives an overal grade for the driver, a score from zero to five to three individual segments, and colors for each of these segments. Fuel consumption, average speed, track distance and duration are also displayed.

By selecting the option “Fuel Efficiency”, the user can see exactly which features are affecting the fuel consumption and it gives the option to turn all these features off.


The system also gives practical tips for the driver, the “Eco Tips”. This property offers driving style, fuel economy, and other practical tips.

The driver can see the history of the journeys on the system, which displays the ongoing journey, the last three journeys, the most efficient journey and two journeys that the user decided to save on the system. The driver can also see all the details of each journey by clicking on it.


Another feature of the InControl system is the InControl Live is a very useful feature which stores data in the cloud. This feature can be personalized to enhance the driver’s experience, such as subscribing to important live updates information and saving links to the user’s favourite information. The standard information updates include weather, news and flight checker, these updates can be changed either on the system or in the Jaguar’s website with up to ten different user profiles.

The InControl Touch Pro Interactive Side Panel allows the driver to see the current selected media, change channels and stations, mute the sound, dial a contact, swap between connected calls, use a shortcut to set a destination, see the current location’s weather, see the news headlines, and change the news topic.


The InControl Touch Pro’s Home Screen is completely customisable in a very intuitive way. The system allows the user to  edit the home screen, add widgets, additional home screen, and personalize the size of the widgets, all these actions can be done just by touching, dragging and dropping movements.

InControl Connect is a powerful feature that connects the car to the most powerful high-quality mobile signal available using an external roof mounted antenna. The system also authorizes up to eight mobile devices to connect to the car’s WiFi while on move. The network’s details are customisable and easy to set, the system gives the customisable and recommended options.


The InControl Touch Pro Steering Wheel Controls allows the driver to use the most used functions on InControl Touch Pro just by pressing buttons on the car’s steering wheel. Using these controls, the driver can make calls, change the selected media, check the news, and any other customisable features that the user wants to use.

The car’s system can detect objects, barriers in the front, back and both sides of the car and other obstructions while parking  using the InControl Touch Pro Parking Aid System. The system provides a 360º view of the car surroundings and highlights the closest obstacles.



Jaguar InCar Technology

Jaguar InControl Touch Pro

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YouTube – Jaguar XE 2017 | InControl Touch Pro Phone Operation

YouTube – Jaguar XE 2017 | InControl Touch Pro Steering Wheel Controls

YouTube – Jaguar XE 2017 | InControl Touch Pro Media System

YouTube – Jaguar XE 2017 | InControl Touch Pro Settings

YouTube – Jaguar XE 2017 | InControl Touch Pro Parking Aid System

YouTube – Jaguar XE 2017 | InControl Touch Pro Bluetooth Pairing



Domino’s, already known for developing and using innovative and interactive technology to deliver pizzas (a mechanism that allows the costumer to ask for a pizza with the push of one button and the project to open the first pizzeria in the Moon, for example), is now developing and testing the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU).

DRU is one of the world’s most advanced autonomous robot, it was designed to ensure a efficient deliver and to improve the costumer’s experience. This robot will be the first autonomous vehicle to deliver a pizza.

This robot was projected and built in Domino’s innovations lab, and, as stated by the company, it is very useful and it has a modern and innovative design.

The robot has an intelligent system to control the temperature of the food which allows the consumers to get their pizzas and drinks in the perfect temperature.

The robot’s intelligent GPS system was designed to track the robot and choose the fastest and safest way to deliver the product. It can deliver a pizza in routes up to 20 miles far from the Domino’s pizzeria.


  Domino’s posted at their website the following video: