ITS Presentation

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In the last week of ITS class we did a presentation about our project.

My presentation needed more practice on speaking, I was not fluent enough. I could not give the idea of what exactly my project is, this also could be improved.

During the presentation I used several softwares to demonstrate my project, but this confused people, it would be better to put all the demonstrations in the same software.

The video in the presentation was clear and showed how the final project will look like.

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NASA Promotional Video

The intention of the video is to make people interested in our project. To do so, we used a few images from our software and gave some key informations about the project.

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NASA Presentation

The presentation at the NASA Space Apps 2016 event consisted of a 3 minutes presentation + a 30 seconds video.

During the presentation we talked about why we are doing the project and how will the project help astronauts on their trainings. We also show a video of a starting prototype of the software and we introduced some features that may be used to sell the project to the general public.

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NASA SpaceApps Event


The NASA Space Apps Challenge helped me to learn how to make a project from scratch. With only 72h we made a great project which will help astronauts on their training to start a colony in Mars. We won the “People’s choice awards”, we were also congratulated by being the first team to win a premium with any doctors in the team.

The result can be seen in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 website:

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My presentation was not as interactive as I wanted. For next time I’ll put more interactive elements on it.
My QR code was not working properly, I also need to fix it.
The content and references of my presentation have a good quality, but the references need to be APA and I need more practice on presenting my content.

I’m also thinking about putting a background music to make the presentation more dinamic.

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SpaceApps UI


The user interface was made for a virtual reality game. The objective was to make it look like it is a astronaut helmet based on the Google Glass interface, which was not achieved. The interface displays status about the astronaut’s health, necessities, sanity, suit, and a map.

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Space Life Team


My team was composed by three people. We decided to create an application to help on the training of astronauts that are going to Mars. The application uses virtual reality for a more realistic experience. The intention was to make the astronaut feel like he/she is in Mars.

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AUT Programming Contest

On April 15th I went to a programming contest at AUT.

This event was for programmers, our goal was to solve the proposed problems in time.

This was very interesting and I got a lot of experience working with other people and creating new programs and applications.

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